FAT BOX is a creative resource for ANY production need. Really.
We are high-end visual producers who have delivered unprecedented creative video & animation world wide, since 1995.

With hundreds of campaigns and more than 1,000 video and animation productions gracing FAT BOX, we command professional Producers, Directors, Script Writers, Film and Television Production Experts, 3D CG Animation Geniuses, 2D Motion Graphic Animators, Post Editors and Effects Specialists to a successful union of collaboration and success.  

We are completely focused on delivering visually exciting experiences. Period.  After all, this is a partnership between FAT BOX and you.  We are a family of dedicated professionals here to make sure you are completely satisfied, so together we will continue to be long term partners and trusted friends.  

Creative . Production . Post . 2D & 3D Animation . Digital & Print Media